Django Hierarchical Tree Data

The comparison sheet below compares django-mptt and django-treebeard, two Django applications that enable you to easily add support for hierarchical data store to your models. django-treebeard has the advantage of offering multiple tree storage strategies, all neatly abstracted from using the same API. However, I personally really prefer the approach taken by django-mptt with respect to the way it keeps track of a node's parent: by means of a standard ForeignKey. This is less fragile, and by its smart usage of Django signals django-mptt allows you to modify a node's parents from anywhere (including the admin interface) without having to resort to a custom API call.

My conclusion: if the Nested sets / Modified Preorder approach is applicable to your use case, I would opt for django-mptt.

django-mptt django-treebeard
2009-07-01 (SVN) 2009-06-14 (SVN)
Supported tree types django-mptt django-treebeard
Nested sets / MP √ √
Materialized path × √
Adjacency list × √
Project status django-mptt django-treebeard
Last update (SVN) 2009-07-01 2009-06-14
Official release (Date) Jan. 16, 2008 Nov. 20, 2008
Official release (Version) 0.2.1 1.1
Features django-mptt django-treebeard
Admin friendly √ ×
Reparenting Via signals, automatically Explicit API calls required
Forms support √ (TreeNodeChoiceField, MoveNodeForm) ×
Template tags Yes No
FIx/recompute existing tree × √
Implementation details django-mptt django-treebeard
Parent is ForeignKey based √ - (Only for AL)
Model preparation mptt.register(MyModel) class MyModel(NS_Node)
Basic API feeling my_instance.get_descendants() my_instance.get_descendants()
July 1, 2009
July 1, 2009
django, sql


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